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Gold Key Award

Nora Stock was awarded Marymount Manhattan College's Gold Key Award for her contributions to the Digital Media & Video Production Major. 

A Gold Key may be awarded in each concentration to one graduate who has achieved a high degree of excellence in his/her chosen academic field. The criteria for the major medal are a 3.50 GPA; self-reliance in independent learning and research ability; written clarity of expression; verbal clarity of expression and breadth of purpose. 


Film Festival Awards

Nora Stock's 2022 Short Film "Ecstasy Behind the Forgotten," received 3 wins and 5 nominations from IMDB-recognized film festivals. It had its New York City Premiere at the Big Apple Film Festival, playing at Quad Cinemas in Greenwich Village. 

Independent Shorts Awards Gold for Best Student Short & 

Bronze for Best First-Time Female Director

Fifth Floor Film Festival's Production Excellence Award.

Production & Screenings

Los Angeles Premiere
New York City Premiere
Los Angeles Premiere
New York City Premiere
Behind the Scenes
Director Cameo
TCL Chinese Theatre Premiere
Ecstasy Behind the Forgotten Cast Photo
Director Talk Back
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